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Originally written by Garrison:
I finally saw the movie about a week ago. It was in my opinion the best movie so far in the series. I knew that much of the sideplot in the book had to be removed in order to constrain the movie to a reasonable length, so I was not too disappointed about the omitted material. I just reminded myself that a movie is different from a book.

Instead I'm disappointed. Too many cut: for example, when Harry buy a Firebolt? In the book (that is the best of series) Sirius give it to Harry, but in the movie the Firebolt just "appear" :eek:

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...as a gift from Sirius. I do not clearly remember, but there might have been a note with a coded reference to Sirius.

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Harry Potter gets the Firebolt at the very, very end of the third movie. It's the last thing that happens in the movie. That's the problem with editing and cutting. It leaves holes in the story. We see Harry play one Quidditch game in the third movie, then nothing. But in the book, winning the Quidditch cup is a huge part of the plot. If Harry doesn't get his broom until the end of the movie, how does he play the other Quidditch games?


Edit: Quidditch has two d's.

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i loved it i saw it at midnigh!

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I just realized that when I went to see the movie again, it wasn't the last showing after all. Not that it makes a big difference, though.

Okay, this post is totally worthless, but oh well.

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Good movie, although I agree it was not as good as it could have been... The book was better than the movie, always is, always will be.

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I know i'm a little late, but my sister just saw it yesterday, and she told me about it, and according to her it was pretty good. But there were some things in it that were wrong, but she didn't really matter. If you're really into reading, read the book, it's better, but if you're kind of lazy, like myself, you should check out the movie, or buy the DVD when it is released.

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...that's pretty much what we have established in this topic.

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Originally written by Mr. Meanor:

...that's pretty much what we have established in this topic.
Yeah, after posting it and reading it again, i thought it was pretty useless... sorry :(

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