Miers' SCOTUS nomination is withdrawn

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AuthorTopic: Miers' SCOTUS nomination is withdrawn
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She had to do it though. I feel bad for her - she was really put through the ringer. More than that though, because Bush wasn't the one to withdraw his choice, he doesn't directly get to eat as much crow as I think he should.

Why do people continue to take bullets for this loser? At any rate, at least for now the status quo is maintained.
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"Court" would have been fewer letters and more transparent than SCOTUS.


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The abbreviation POTUS makes me think of potatos, but SCOTUS reminds me of "scrotum". :P

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...but absent context, less specific.

EDIT: Furthermore, TM, I would figure you of all people would have appreciated the term for the reason Aran outlined.

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Originally written by Explode The Bandwagon Now:

The abbreviation POTUS makes me think of potatos, but SCOTUS reminds me of "scrotum". :P
*snort* Me too. And it reminds me of Scotland.
It's really too bad that the initials of the Supreme Court are SC. It makes my US History notes that much longer, because I can't abbreviate it... lest I confuse it with South Carolina. :D

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I much prefer the initials POT USA. It is certainly appropriate for recent holders of the office -- even though some of them didn't inhale.

...which leads me to go really off-topic and wonder what ever did happen to the Presidents of the USA.
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Brings out various conspiracy theories about how the nomination was a smoke screen for other activities of the administration. Not from me, though--I'm still sitting here, thinking, "Huh."
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