Web "anonymity" vs. real life identity

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AuthorTopic: Web "anonymity" vs. real life identity
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Originally written by Zaiu:

I don't feel particularly anonymous. I've mentioned my name, city I live in, school I go to, picture, voice, and a bunch of random information that if put together would tell you who I am. I'm not concerned with letting people know any of these things (though I have been more open with my identity with SW than anywhere else).

No one I know in real life plays Spiderweb games (or RP games at all for that matter), and I don't think they would recognize me by writing style either way. I've never met anyone online in person, but I know people who do so regularly.

Same here
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If I wasn't paranoid and didn't believe everyone was out to get me I might be more free with such information. I'm not though, the only people I trust online are those I've already met offline...

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My real name isn't hard to find out, as in "not hard -at all-", so, clearly, anonymity is not my major concern. I'm not worried about all my many, many RL friends finding out that I'm Spiderweb's Lord Bob...my oh-so-many friends...hee hee hee...
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People here can easliy guess my name too. In fact, it might be in my profile... 'Tis indeed.

I'm very open with you guys. My online alias is exactly like me in real life. I'm moody and depressive here as well! As well as this, I don't mind people Googling my name "Nikki Jeffery", and seeing if they can spot the brace-wearing-British-insomniac-coffee-drinker amongst the rabble.

Seriously, a lot of you know a lot about me, and with the information I hand out to you lot, you could easily find out where I am, and all other kinds of stuff. And if I wanted to post something rude and offensive I would do. There's no point in trying to be somebody else in my opinion. You usually get caught out, and realise the real you is a lot better.

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I believe that whenever we do anything, whether it is through the internet or other media, we basically are trusting that the people we communicate with will not take that communication as the sum total of our being. Even though I tend to be a wiseass at times, that is not all of me. I do tend to concentrate on fishing, but that also is not all of me (but it comes close). I'm not at all concerned that someone could "find" me based on the posts available here, but I've hopefully not driven anyone into the type of murderous rage that might make that happen.

I think it is somewhat in our nature as people to find out more about other people, which leads to the googling and other investigative methods. It is mostly harmless. I had an online friend a few years ago that was absolutely paranoid about her online persona allowing someone to find her real-life identity. I emailed her once and told her where she lived and her full name. That freaked her out, but she learned (hopefully) to adapt some her online life to make it harder for a person to locate her. I was of course yelled at by her, as she apparently wanted to labor in the illusion of privacy. I had another online friend that I ended up meeting several times and eventually moved in together. That lasted 6 months, as our personalities in real-life weren't quite as "perfect" as the internet one.

For the record, I have emailed three people on this forum, they all now have the tools to locate me and abuse that knowledge. I trust them to not do that, mostly based on gut feeling and the nature of their posting. I am also a member of another message board where people sit down for dinner all the time. We go fishing together, swap techniques, hang out on the dock or help each other at sea. The board serves as a meetiing place for people during the brief "non-fishing" times to talk/dream about more fishing. I find I am more comfortable here than there, as fisher(people) tend to get a little fanatical at times.

I do sometimes wonder why some people are so judgemental, but I guess that is human nature as well.

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