"Blades of Geneforge"

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AuthorTopic: "Blades of Geneforge"
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Well, I'll get GF4 when it comes out, so I can see if Jeff actually does stop using the same plot for the series. I'd even be open to buying BoG if people actually designed for it, but BoG's potential depends on what Jeff does with GF4, IMHO.

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It really should be called "Shades of Geneforge".

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Instead of making another Avernum or Geneforge game, Jeff Vogel really should make a brand new series that doesn't use the same graphics as either series. That probably would spark more interest with a lot of gamers.

Off topic thing, but these boards should have a Geneforge trilogy board instead of them being all seperate, like with the Avernum Trilogy board.

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I'll combine them when GF3 traffic slows down to a level comparable to the other two boards, like I did for the Avernum games.

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it kinda gets boring when u got "blades of exile and blades of avernum"so a blades of geneforge probably woulldnt b a big hit

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How does it get boring?

I'd have fun with a BoG, but not much hope for custom graphics.

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Apart from graphics, and a potential problem with the real-time element of GF, BoG wouldn't be harder to use than BoE or BoA. And the scenario's wouldn't have to continue the story line, they would just have to take place in the GF world. They wouldn't necessarily have to continue the story.

And I for one don't see that as a problem. After all, GF fans will buy it. They will want to see more of the world that they already have an interest in. And it'll be shareware, so if it is awful, we won't have to buy it!

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