Similarities: Fire Emblem and Avernum

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AuthorTopic: Similarities: Fire Emblem and Avernum
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It's occured to me, after playing a great deal of both Fire Emblem and Avernum lately, that there are quite a few plot similarities. Almost shockingly so.

In Fire Emblem 6 (The one with Roy, Japanese only) Lycia (who is being oppressed) is fighting a war against Bern (who is oppressing, A2). Also, you have to slay King Zephiel (A1) and then fight off the Dark Dragon Idoun to beat the game. (Pyrog, almost)

In Fire Emblem 7 (Fire Emblem here) You basically start a random adventure for no real purpose, only to accidentally stumble into something that leads to you saving the world [/Avernum 1]

And lastly, in Fire Emblem 8 (Sacred Stones) you go around slaying random plagues of evil monsters. (A3). in order to beat this game, you have to defeat a guy who has infused himself with dark and demonic powers (Garzahd).

Isn't that strange?

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Well, I'm almost certain that Exile came before both of them.

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So far, all you've managed to say is that:
* Both games have you beat up some dragons
* Both games have you beat up a political leader
* Both games don't thrust you directly into the plot
* Both games have evil dudes who "infuse themselves with power"
* Both games have plagues of monsters

What does that remind me of? Oh yeah- virtually every role-playing game ever created.
(And for reference, you don't "save the world" in Avernum 1.)

To wit-
Hawthorne III did not pretend to be dead, only to stab his father during the funeral.
Hawthorne III did not have intercourse with his sister and mother.
The party in ALL of the Exile games never has sex, EVER. (For reference, all of the Japanese Fire Emblem games are hentai games- buy a strategy guide for Fuuin no Tsugi some time and see how much you can "unlock".)
The party is not any form of nobility whatsoever.
Dragons are never even remotely vital to the thrust of any of the stories.
Exile has absolutely no character relations of any size, shape or sort.

I could go on, but I won't.


You're wrong, Drakey- Fire Emblem has been around since the Famicom. This franchise is more popular and profitable in Japan than friggin' Mario. (It's one of those "it's too difficult for American audiences" deals which resulted in that psychadelic Mario 2 game.)

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Fire Emblem is hentai?

That's... interesting.

The critics agree!

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Points taken.

Zephiel's father tried to kill him because he didn't want his son to be a better king than him, which is why Zephiel faked his death.

The incest, didn't know about that. I mean, I knew that if Florina married Hector, and Fiora married Eliwood, then Roy and Lilina would be cousins, but not about the whole 'Bern royal family' crisis. Sounds like a real life royal family to me...[/shot]

I admit, I haven't unlocked any of this. FE6 is a hard game, and I lost Lilina just before Murdock, and had no time to A support anyone else. So, I PHAIL.

Anyway, I guess this is just proof that it's rare to find a game with such originalty.

(Fire Emblem was released in 1990)

(Not to say Avernum isn't original. The only games that go underground are just for dwarves and crappy dungeons.)

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