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AuthorTopic: Have You Ever Used Alorael's Signature
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Originally written by Universal Specific:

Is there any visible difference between minus (-) and option-minus (–)? Shift-option-minus (—) is obviously longer, but I really can't see any difference between the other two.

—Alorael, who is, alas, not the premier expert on horizontal lines. He specializes in emdashes only.

There is a visible difference. It may be hard to notice, but quite obvious if you concentrate.
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It was immediately evident to me that the option-minus is longer than the simple minus. Eyes a bit strained from squinting through that scope, Alo?

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No, I actually can see it now that I've read my own post, but while writing the post tex in the box thoughtfully provided when you click "New Post" I couldn't tell (and still can't). Maybe some fonts don't show it?

—Alorael, who keenly feels the absence of the old Key Caps. While it ostensibly came with some versions of OS X, he doesn't have it. What he does have is a (very!) old version of Key Caps that claims that the option-minus dash is shorter than the regular minus dash. Go figure.
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The text in the field you use to enter a post generally shows up in a fixed-width font, which obviously means none of the dashes can be much longer than any other. In a variable-width font (such as the fonts most people will be reading the message in once it's actually posted), it's easy to see the difference between the hyphen, endash and emdash if you line them up vertically:


In the fixed-width font I'm reading this in right now (some form of Courier, I think), the endash (option-dash) actually does look slightly *shorter* than the hyphen, whilst the emdash (option-shift-dash) looks slightly longer. Once posted, the endash is longer and the emdash is longest.

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Oh the excitement!

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Originally written by EviL_TiM:

Originally written by Another Season:

Now you know.l
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There exists abuse which does not involve copyright.

I'm sure Alorael would be glad to show you, if you want to invite a demonstration.


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Originally written by saunders:

There exists abuse which does not involve copyright.

I'm sure Alorael would be glad to show you, if you want to invite a demonstration.


"Violators will be Violated", eh? :P

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Perhaps, Aran. Perhaps.

—Alorael, who does not particularly care if his signature is plagiarized or not. He doesn't copyright his posts. The patent, on the other hand, will be enforced to the maximum extent not permisable by law. Remember, possession is nine tenths of the law, and he is the one who posseses abusable power, a sniper rifle, and no compunctions about utilizing either.
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Wow, being on Windows, I had to look in the character map to find that one. Apparantly you can make an emdash by goint Alt+0151.


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