The games people play

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AuthorTopic: The games people play
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Lately I've been playing World of Warcraft, Quake 2 (old school action woot), and a little bit of Star Wars: KoToR2, even though it crashes every once in a bit.

And yes, Morrowind rocks your socks. Oblivion will be just that, the oblivion to my social life.

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I've been playing a lot of Crawl lately. It's another roguelike, and it's really good, except that it is really evil.

Oh, and Diablo II, which is reasonably good but a bit too close to Angband for my tastes.

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Originally written by secondwind:

Oblivion will be just that, the oblivion to my social life.
Yea, Morriwind destroyed mine. I was taking days off of school to play.
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I'm currently trying to finish Timespiltters 3: Future Perfect. Its a great game.

666 cool.

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