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AuthorTopic: Save Arrested Development!
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Because Spiderweb Software has been a fan of this show, and to not leave people playing Geneforge 3 for the first time over the summer in the dark, I present this message:

As all of you know (not really and that is the problem), tonight was the season finale of Arrested Development. Unfortunately, it could also be the series finale if we let it.

The creators of the show have a website, to sign a petition to keep Arrested Development on the air. Sign this petition and get all your friends to as well, as this show is just too good to be cancelled.

Let's hear some love for this show!


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"You're so much like me, I'm sorry"
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No. I know nothing about the show.

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:confused: the site does not work for me ...

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I actually like this show, even though I hardly ever watch TV.

Meh... I'll sign it, what the hell.

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The site doesn't work for me, either :confused:

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Thanks man!

I sometimes don't follow these things closely. I hope they don't cancel it. But, are you surprised that they will?

The ax falls sometimes on worthy necks, but often enough it falls on the necks of those less worthy of it.

Although, to be frank, I'm used to it. It seems that every show I like (with three exceptions) has to be cancelled. A few make it to the end.

Anyway, thank you.


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