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AuthorTopic: How many?
Shock Trooper
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My full, official name is Niels-Jeroen Vandamme, which sounds banal, unoriginal and inelegant in my opinion.
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My last name is Mulrooney, the same last name as one of the most hated Canadian prime ministers. I win :-\
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Shock Trooper
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My full name is mostly boring. Anthony Lafayette Brown. However my middle name is kind of wierd because I'm not the least bit French, yet the middle name is often given to people in my family for reasons no one's entirely sure about, except that they know it's after the Marquis de Lafayette.

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Same here almost. My last name is french and I don't even like the fremch, or realted to any french *insert naughty word here*.

When you think you can't get any lower in life and hit rock bottom, God hands you a shovel.

Following the rights movements
You clamped on with your iron fists
drugs being conviently available for all the kids

Minor drug offenders fill your prisons
You don't even flinch
All our takes paying
For your wars against the new non rich
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