Happy Birthday to me, and a question

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AuthorTopic: Happy Birthday to me, and a question
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Yes, thats right. Its my birthday today, turned 19.

My question is, how long should I wait for delivery on my Blades of Exile disk? I couldn't download from the FTP site because my modems being funky.

I ordered it on Sunday, early sunday and I still havent received it. I paid the 2$ shipping, whatever the default option was. Thanks if you can answer, or care to wish me a happy birthday
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Happy birthday!

And remember: Only two years left before you can (legally) get drunk and rowdy! wahoo!
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Happy birthday, Armada !

Wish you a lot of nice adventures !

About your cd, I think it's not gonna be too long, since you're in NY, but it depends also of the way you use to pay.

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Happy birthday, Armada! :)

It took mine about two weeks to get to me. 'course, I live on the other side of the world.
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Happy birthday, Armada!

—Alorael, who remembers waiting about a week for the Nethergate CD. If you still don't have BoE on Monday, you may begin panicking and emailing Jeff.
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Happy birthday!

And remember: Only two years left before you can (legally) get drunk and rowdy! wahoo!

Yeah Merry Birthday.

Two years hes already 19 so itz legal to drink 'till youre wasted right.

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Happy birthday! I'm twenty and I've been breaking the law of the land tonight.


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I've 24 old :(

too old :(

In China, there is a folk-custom about every person's birthday. this year is "my own year", it's means this year is belong to me.

you are 19, that's means your lucky animal is RABBIT, my lucky animal is Chicken, it's interesting, isn't it?
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Pish-posh you're never too old to play. And I'm not just saying that because I'm older then you, either. :P

Happy Birthday to Armada!

Hope for one week - panic in two.

Hubby's B-day is tommorow. It's the last year he'll be 'young'. What do you get a 29-year old for their birthday? (no I didn't forget to get him something, just reaching for more ideas.)

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Yeah, your a kid till your 30.

Your fully settled into adulthood at 40.

I suggest getting him a Gamecube. If he has one, an Xbox. If he has one, a PS2.

And a PSP or Nintendo DS.
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Happy birthy Armada, you should come down to Australia-legal age is 18. ;)

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Tigers of 1986 for the win. :P

turning 19 in half a year, then i can go and buy beer without my brother tagging along... :D

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I'm in New York too and I believe Nethergate took about a week and a half. Don't quote me on that, but I definitely remember that it came before I thought it would.

Happy (non-alcohol related) Birthday (for once)!

*sigh* I guess this is the place to ask, though - anyone know the drinking age in Ireland off the top of their head? I hope to go there for college.

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Ireland doesn't have an age at which it's legal to start drinking so much as an age by which it's mandatory to have started drinking.

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Feel happy you are not an adult... When you have come this far, you can wait patiently for a few more days... congratulations to you for your hard-won achevement till date.

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Ireland Legal Age = 18 yrs

This is a really interesting site that list many country's legal ages in a handy table format.


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They got New Zealand wrong, it's 18 here.

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Age 20
New Zealand*

*with exceptions


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congrats, whoever you are. i mean. grand. you're a year closer to dying! :)

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hey, at least he can buy beer and cigs!

...oh wait, he's American.

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Hey Armada, Happy Birthday.

If you are ever around this Neck of the woods (Northern South American, in the not quite polluted (yet) Caribbean coast)

What can you do here? Well, if you bring dollars anything you want.

1) Drink age is not a consideration, since 15 year olds sometimes plague bars which should know better (though, in general it's 18)

2) They smoke cigs everywhere, heck even inside the classrooms at the University where I teach (which is supposed to be a good one), but not during class. Anyway, the whole campus is cig friendly.

3) If you're a guy, I've been told women here are rather attractive, and if you're a woman I've been told men are handsome. Wait, checked your profile. Guy it is. Well, women are attractive here.

4) You can buy beer on the street (read highway) and drink it in your car.

5) No speed limit.

6) Most products of the electronic kind (CDs, DVDs) are pirated. They are sold in the streets just like that.

7) We've got a very stable democratic government here. One of the few Caudillos who actually insults, almost on a daily basis, George W. using anything but subtle language. In fact, we had some nasty rains and floods and natural disasters here recently and he spoke the Big Truth that thanks to Imperialism, Globalization and the Eternal Evil of Satan (aka George W.) we got those nice natural changes which produced so much misery here.

8) In other words, this is paradise. Come on by. Get drunk, stoned, have sex with beautiful women (if you wanna pay, it's only about 200 dollars for just about top of the class escorts), go to the beach, visit the jungle, etc.

We want you to come.

19 was a good age. Don't try 57, it sucks.


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