Hello, I'm new member.

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AuthorTopic: Hello, I'm new member.
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Welcome, O ye of great naivete, thou knowest not what horrors await thee.

(Zardoz forgiveth thy neglect of an article in the topic title.)

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{Tempus} jack thompson? ppl actually admire that freak?
{@Fanateeq72802} Not everyone disagrees with him.
{+iris} Someone should send him a few of the more steamy Japanese dating sim games. His head would explode.
{@Fanateeq72802} And I'd laugh. Hard.
{Tempus} im on it. brb
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My fellow man, though art not unlike myself. Seemingly registered before all others yet with a post count below that of any? It is quite the coincidence...no?

...well I thought it was funney...? didn't you?
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mnvd nmxcjvlov jkdnjkbnd jkfnblnd vmknzxm mnbdvjabn

(if you dont understand what i just said it means hi :D
i lost * hush hush looks around carfully and says sanity hearing his own voice screams and says somwone said a bad word bad bad bad word ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Yes it is always good when we get new victoms uh oops members. I still feel like a bit of a newbie too

Bringing the gift of Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Spiders to all.

That is to say I'm bringing the gift of GIFTS to all.
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Note that Maxview has posted twice. This always seems to happen to those who start the large hello topics.

—Alorael, who is sure Arctic is still present in spirit to spiritually eat invisible newbies.
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Why, is Arctic no longer here in person? I seem to have misssed something...

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