To Slay A Dragon. (RP)

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AuthorTopic: To Slay A Dragon. (RP)
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Mahl bellowed in rage as he watched Penny and the rogue run back towards their camp - his prey had escaped him, the smaller creations crowded back in fear as he glared at them, the light of a demon in his eyes.-

When he had had picked up the demon skull Mahl had started to feel a voice in his head. "Who are you?" Mahl asked, but got no understandable response. He continued to stare at it and heard the voice again, this time understandable- "The Dragon! Its dead!, I am free!" Instantly the skull began to glow. Mahl tried to drop it but couldn't. Once more Mahl screamed for help, but this time there was no one to hear him. As he held the skull longer the noise in his head increased and the demon spirit began demanding for control. Horrified at what was happening to him Mahl tried to run skull or no but only ended up tripping and crashing to the floor. "All right" he pleaded, "Just let me live."-

When the two had dissapeared from sight Mahl dismissed the impish minions, emerged from the cave, and slunk out. Amazed at the new powers that submitting to the demon's voice had given him, he was trying to convince himself that this could turn out all right-

OOC: Mahl does not have to reveal the possesion so he should be able to rejoin the group, except perhaps the celestial.... I don't think that Meteus recognized him.
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OOC: I'm withdrawing from this RP. I'm just not interested enough, and I haven't actually contributed anything anyway, so it won't make much of a difference if I leave.

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