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AuthorTopic: Bragging rights
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Dang it. So I did a nice little research project, and got an interview with a press lady at my university. I leave for a conference, return and it's gotten a bit out of hand. Here's the story:
and in German
in Czech
and in Spanish

Yes, the sites contain my full name, but there's no reason to hide it now. Damn. I guess I'm bragging, but frankly I'm mostly just terrified.

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Between the story and the photo, I can't help but think of you as a Bond villain now. :P

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Why terrified?

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Wow, another astronomy lover! So am I, So, I suppose you're not going to tell us which person in the article was you. ;)


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Well, ben, there are only a limited number of people in that article, and really only one of them is quoted extensively by the reporter.

Anyway, Schrodinger, that sounds pretty awesome. Congrats and good luck with future groundbreaking experiments! I think astrobiology is pretty cool.

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Beautiful. Also, I was glad to see that the page in Spanish was actually translated from the ground up.

This is so excellent!!!

Are you excited about the "Super Earth"?


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The irony is that one of the topics for Environmental science that we are currently looking at something quite similar to this.

A very nice picture as well.

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This is also a good site
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Congrats! Great work!

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Congratulation, I bet you must feel very acomplished now. :)

BTW,why terrified?

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Congratulations! And it's not like most of us didn't know your full name anyway ...

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Congratulations, Schro. I have to side with Alec on this one :) .
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S'pretty cool. I actually managed to understand the majority of it without being bored. Very interesting.

Media exposure is nothing to be frightened of. Nice picture even though Alec has a point about it.

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^ :) ^ Cheers Schrodinger!
No reason to be terrified - you'll soon get accustomed to medias. (Once they got you, they'll always come back for astrobiological matters ^_^). Enjoy it! It's at least beneficial for career ...

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Congratulations! And keep up the good work. :)

BTW, the press lady was pretty? :D

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Hi all, thanks for the support. I guess the reason I feel worried is that I haven't had the work fully peer-reviewed yet. We've submitted our work to a peer-reviewed journal, and it's in the works, but not yet done. I think we've covered all the bases in our research as far as making it reproducible and applicable to the early Earth, but you never really know.

One of the sites should have my unshaven picture on it (I think Alec found it) and I agree with villainous appearance. However, I was wearing shorts and sandals that day, I just put the lab coat on to look professional. Given that fact, is it any less sinister :) ?

The super-Earth is kind of exciting, provided they it's not just a Neptune-like body. Neptune is ~17 Earth masses, about what they suggest for the super-Earth. The best thing going for it is that it's close in to the sun, so a rocky planet may be more conceivable than a gas giant at this range.

A few cats short of a kitten pot pie...

Radioactive cats have 18 half-lives.
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Go Dingy! May you be constantly quoted and misquoted by people who want to sound as knowledgeable as you, abused by journalists who don't want science to interfere with their articles, and followed by adoring hordes of phosphorus fans.

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Villains are all about business-casual nowadays, so sure. :)
I can picture it now: generating biologically useful phosphorous using only a kiddy pool, and a bucket of iron meteorites, and then using it for nefarious purposes! What nefarious purposes you could put phosphorous to I have absolutely no idea; perhaps giving rise to the biological processes of a race of proto-microbes that will, in two billion years, gain sapience and destroy the world! Bwa ha ha!

A slower plan than the usual silliness -- slamming the moon into the Earth, causing a second ice age, stuff like that -- but slow and steady wins the race, as they say.

This is excellent stuff, Schro. For those of you upon whom the significance is lost: this basically means that early in the Earth's history, we got struck by an iron meteorite which hit an area of freshwater -- not at all difficult, being as how we have and had a lot of saltwater and were probably encounting many more meteorites back then -- and the result was a tremendous release of phosphorous, a chemical which is crucial in biomolecules, which are the building blocks of early life.

This solves a large number of problems with the answers to how question of how life started. It also gives an interesting conditional which helps narrow down the search for terrestrial life: a Jupiter-like body which draws the stuff that forms meteorites inwards. The Kuiper belt isn't there by accident, basically.

So how did the speaking on the 24th go?

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