OMFG wut r u inhailng rite now?!

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AuthorTopic: OMFG wut r u inhailng rite now?!
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omg im inhalnig lotsa pot smoke! wut about u?!

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Aren't you too young for that? Wait... I forgot how old you are. Oh well...

I'm not inhaling anything right now, though that would be nice about now.

I had a little to drink earlier, but sadly not enough to take my mind off things. Have fun getting high.

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I feel like posting in this topic in a blatant attempt to increase my post count before the topic gets locked. Seeing as that I am inhaling relatively unblemished air (as good as it gets in an urban area, anyway), I have not much to contribute, but hey.

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I'm inhaling unblemished air from a rural location, and it really smells good! It's a good thing, and I don't plan to be inhaling any tobacco smoke, meth, you get my point.

That stuff is killer.


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um, a koolaid slushie?

by the by, the best combination of slushie flavours is Peach and Grape.

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:eek: uh nooo. inhlig pot smoke make u legeshtenic

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Plain, clean air, which, in my opinion, is far better than pot, cigarettes, or any other of those disgusting things.

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lolz im inhlaign glue its makign my noze hiars stick togethr

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I'm saved from smoking pot because all my friends (and it's not young unless you're ten or something; where I come from, pot is the drug for middle schoolers), are potheads, and it gets really bloody boring after all that "Heheheh, we had such good shizz back there yo" and "Hahah, come over, so-and-so's sister has a bong" and "Heh, someone brought three ounces to the party". Boring stonerz. >_<

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The usual medley of constituents to air. A very high concentration of indoor air pollution and the strange computer dust that is omni-present isn't too healthy, but I can't get away from it. It's a way of life.

I hate cigarette smoke, but I'd like to have a pot plant in my house, to care for in my garden of weeds.

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My rage at this topic has triggered a series of violent spasms and I am currently unable to inhale at all. Fortunately, the cure is at hand!

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