Free games, courtesy of Jeff

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AuthorTopic: Free games, courtesy of Jeff
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Of course not. :P

I wonder, though, if given enough time, if Jeff will put up his older games (e.g. Exile 1) up for free download. I know, it's not too likely to happen, but maybe. :)

If people stop buying a certain game because they'd rather have the newer ones, Jeff mays well give it to us.


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Probably not; he's still making money off of them, and until there are no longer any active OSes which support his early programs (unlikely, being as how Windows is big on reverse-compatibility), it's very unlikely he'll even consider it.

There's a move towards getting him to release the BoE source code, though.

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At least he editor source...

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That would be very nice. It would certainly help heal the gap between Jeff and the BoE community.

I think that the fact that, from I understand, BoA is open source, this might serve as an incentive for Jeff to do so.

Here's hoping to that.


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Why would any developer ever give away a product that was previously for sale? It makes no sense, maybe a deep discount, but not free, I can't fathom that

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in fifty years, it will be highly sought-after abandon-ware, i'm sure.

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dampeoples - Because it was previously for sale - if a company chooses to no longer support or sell a product, it's typically considered "abandonware" and the company typically looks the other way at it being distributed for free.
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Plus, it's a good way to advertise new SW games.

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So true. Rockstar Games (North) recently (well not recently) released Grand Theft Auto and some other game for free download. If your computer is remotely up to date, then you'll need an emulator, but hey... free games.

Also, Bethesda released TES:Arena for free not too long ago. Same deal with the emulator, but same deal with freeness. If you want free games, check those out. Classics for free. No questions.

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Some people are motivated more by their love for coding and their community than desire for lucre. These people release their games for free and provide their source as a gift to the public.

I wouldn't expect shareware fans to understand, though. What a pathetic concept.

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