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AuthorTopic: Signatures...
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'conation' was a word coined by Beckett; using his favorite word, 'con', and -ation, meaning roughly 'to do rigorously'. Translated, it means being a 'con' for sport. If you don't speak French, you're missing out here.

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That crazy Canuck. I mean Swede.

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A breath of fresh air.
Good to see that for every crazy "_____________"who decides to start a thread where Erika is insulted in ways better left unsaid one can find a thread where one can read something like what I've just read in this thread I was reading until just almost now before when I decided to post this.
Thank you.
I wish I knew other languages, many other languages, so I could read those I admire in the tongue that was native to them.

Anyone here familiar with Neurolinguistic Programming?

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Could some of you try harder to not be idiots? Please?

And though the musicians would die, the music would live on in the imaginations of all who heard it.
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Alorael has an unfair advantage. I'm pretty sure that speech wouldn't fit into the actual signature space in its entirety.

I like that Becket thing actually. It manages to be rhythmic and meaningful while utterly senseless. I once practised improvising things like that, but it's dreadfully difficult.

Sorry, I'd switch back to my original siggie, but I saved it locally and can't access it right now. :P

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Okay, it may have been obvious to all that some mention of Alorael would come up in a topic on sigs. I'm surprised that it wasn't more obvious that a bandwagon would be started.

Started it has.

Bleh, stupidity abounds always. May you never find a live turtle in your soup.

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My sig is one of the only ones (TGM has the same idea) that give an actual signature. Since this is what I put at the end of all my E-mails, I figured I mays well take advantage of my sig and not have to type it every post. And I never change my sig.

Only thing different is it's digtal style instead of cursive. :)


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