A Story About Avernum

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AuthorTopic: A Story About Avernum
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She slowly let the bow slung across her shoulder slide down into her worn hands. She reached behind her back towards the quiver full of arrows and pulled seven out which she then placed on the rough, worn stone beside her.
Out of habit, she licked her finger and held it up to check the wind. She laughed inwardly as she rested her hand back down onto the arrows by her side. Of course I wouldn't feel the wind, she thought as faint grunts and howls of her quarry started to reverberate around her, I?m underground in a dank, slimy cave with hardly any food.
She picked up an arrow and with a practiced, steady hand, placed it on the bow held in her tightly clenched fist. Pulling the string on the bow back, she closed her eyes and readied her senses for the oncoming prey.

"Look," grunted the ugly, humanoid shape of a goblin "Peck said she'd be here so she will, get weapons ready boyz."
As they walked along the tunnel they had been following for hours, the goblins up front gasped as it opened up into a vast cavern which not even the light's from thier torches could penetrate. As he unsheathed his battle axe a small goblin squealled.
"Sharg, we are wasting our time, I say we head back to where the flesh is nice and the bones snap beneath our feet, I thi..."
His voice was cut off as blood spilled forth from a huge wound in his cheast.
"If any of you boyz wants to complain," spat Sharg as he wiped his now bloody axe on his worn out pant's "you will get the same treatment that young Gargath was given!"
He looked at the contorted faces of his now five fellow Beserker goblins. None so much as flinched under his piercing gaze.
"Good, now, weapon's ready and be on the look out! The disgusting human shouldn't be to far away."
When all the goblins had finished tweaking their rusting and worn armour or stopped spitting and cleaning their chipped weapons, Sharg nodded to one of the goblins. Without so much as a sound he slid into a crack in the war and was swallowed by the pervading darkness.
"Alright, tonight we shall feast on the vile human's flesh!" snarled Sharg.
"NOW!" he yelled and the pack of goblins ran into the cavern with their weapons held high and their blood rage building.

High up near the top of the cavern, the woman woke from her calming meditation as the blood curdling growls and snarls from the goblins filled the huge expanse. She counted five, one of them being the distinct shape of Sharg. She wondered for the briefest of moments what had happened to the other two but the continuing sounds emenateing from the goblins made her push the thought to the back of her mind.
Alright Sharg you foul beast, she thought as an unbidden anger started to rise up inside her, this is for what you did to my parent's! With one quick motion she let her fingers relax and the taught bow let the arrow fly into the dank cavern.
In no more than a second it had slammed into the face of the goblin commander and as Sharg fell to the wet ground of the cave, she thought she heard the sound of moving rubble behind her. She shrugged it off and then proceded to pick of the remaining goblins.
After the howls of the goblins died down she picked up the remaining two arrows and, glad that she didn't have to use them, placed them back in her quiver. Throwing the bow over her left shoulder, the woman turned around to head towards the way that led to the entrance of the uninviting cave.
What she found was not darkness but a snarling, drooling goblin holding a small jagged dagger.
Ahh, she thought as she slid a hidden knife into her waiting hand, It's going to be one of those days?

Just thought that i would start my first post with a story IMAGE(smile000.gif)

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It's a good story and all but I think it's in the wrong section. The story should have gone in general.

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I think the story's in the right place. It's about Avernum, so it can be in one of the two Avernum-related topics, and Blades seems like the more appropriate topic for a new, user-created story, inasmuch as that was what the system was designed for.

The story kind of reminds me of Night of the Blood Fang. IMAGE(tongue00.gif)

(For reference, from A3, "NIGHT OF THE BLOOD FANG, by Q. King, Esq. - Chad Hardslab, who had recently and through many years of brave fighting and hardship, been declared a Dervish of the mighty Empire army, looked out over the veldt. 'Tonight,' he boomed, 'tonight, in a bloody, detailed way, those foul Nephilim scum will pay for killing my mother, father, brother, grandmother, other brother, first love, sister, second love, and teacher! He drew his swords, and strode forth.'")

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I think that story's cool Mr. Jedi.

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Welcome and nice writing IMAGE(smile000.gif)

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Welcome! Just one question though, what the hell do you sheath a Battle-Axe in?

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Nice story Jedi Master! IMAGE(smile000.gif)
I wish I could write as good stories as you IMAGE(biggrin0.gif)

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Nice story. You can make a book of that.
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