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I just consider, how many accounts Imban had to open for not to miss the lucky number. IMAGE(biggrin2.gif)

RC, what's the club of 31337?
... 4567 is not like 1234, but nice too.

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31337 is a 1337 way of saying elite. It's the "hackers" language but has been getting very commonly overused, especially over IM.

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I can't believe someone got mad over a member number

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I can't believe you think someone got angry. Spiderweb anger is not merely bold, capital letters. Spiderweb anger causes screens to melt and servers to crash.

?Alorael, who actually has nothing useful to add. Except the fact that but for poor timing, he would have been members #333.
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Someone locked a topic, I figured a nerve got touched somewhere IMAGE(smile003.gif)
On a side note, I woke up when I wanted to, went Geocaching, found two, and went fishing and caught two today. I think I posted like 4 times. Coincidence?

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Wow, am I late.

Not even two hours late this time around, but nearly an entire day. Ah, well, my days of striving for member numbers are officially ended, I suppose. #3521 isn't so bad, after all. My compliments to Imby, though. Although I certainly wanted that prize to myself, he's one of the most deserving chaps around.


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not as late as I am though.

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