Ordering chrisis and paranoid parents

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AuthorTopic: Ordering chrisis and paranoid parents
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I've been a fan of spidweb games ever since i was six, and yet i've never actually been able to buy any of the games because i had no finances. But now i'm 15, starting a job so i'll be able to get some money. I'm willing to pay my parents the money back if they'll buy what i want for me. The only problem is that they're completely paranoid about giving away credit card details and i have a sure feeling they'll say no if i say the slightest thing wrong. They might even just say no anyway, but i need some help from you spiderwebbers - what's the best way to go about asking them?

And if they do say yes, what's the best way to order it? I live in australia so i can't order by mail since i have no idea how to make it into US currency. That takes too long anyway. I was thinking paypal for myself but you have to be over 18 for that. So i ask your input or opinions because i don't think i can wait another 3 years before i can finally finish exile.

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I recommend paying by international money order. You can get one at any post office, and as far as I know you only need cash (AUD should be fine, they'll do the currency conversion for you).

Of course, if you do this, you'll have to order by mail. It's not so bad; you should only be kept waiting a month or so at most.

Oh, and Blades of Exile would probably be the best use of your money. Enough third-party scenarios have been designed for it to keep you occupied for years.

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Order by phone, they usually give you the passwords straight away and then mail you the CD.

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He's an Aussie. International phone calls can be tricky.

I go by email. Easy, if you have a credit card you can use. Of course, failing that, Thuryl's suggestion is probably best.

Oh, and BoE is by far the best choice.

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Red Book probably also needs to know that Thuryl and Creator are in Australia, hence have relevant local knowledge. They also have a lot of irrelevant local and general knowledge, but everybody is entitled to their secrets

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You too, Saunders? And without the dash? I suppose it's only a passing similarity...

?Alorael, who recommends the online form as long as you have access to a credit card. If your parents are too paranoid, using money order and mail is indeed your best bet.
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I'm an American with paranoid parents, and I use snail mail. If you can do what Thuryl suggested, it's probably your best bet. It usually takes a week or two to get there, and I'm across the continent from Spiderweb, so... shouldn't take more than a month for you.

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Thanks, although i'd hate to wait anymore for it i think that by mail order would be my best bet. You've all been a great help and i'm so relived that FINALLY after nine years i'll actually be able to finish exile. I've decided to get avernum first though, i know i haven't tried BoE yet but the first avernum storyline is just something that will kill me if i don't get to see what happens. Well i better go off and slave for that money then..

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I ordered BoE by check, mail order, internationally from the United Kingdom, and everything went fine. Got the CD about a week later.

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i feel for ya man... i played the first exile when i was 4..=P didnt get much of it though... anyway i got my dad to register BOA by telling him about the scenario contest, even though i have no scenario designing skills...ill just tellhim mine came in at 14th place or something heh...other than that i dunno

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ABout Online forms

This good if you have any of the credit cards spiderweb accepts. If not, the money order is your best bet. I got my dad to order BoE through the online-form and it came in the mail a week and a half later. Since I put my birthday present from mum on hold, in wait for BOA for windows. She will probably get a money order from the bank. The only thing I have to do I now is figure out whose email address BOA was registered in to get my discount.

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I'd say "order one of the Avernums" but, since it's your game, get what you want. Exile first, then Avernum. (Don't forget Nethergate! It's a good game! You can get it for $5 US with one of the others!) I'd say use the online form you get from Spidweb.com, 'cause that's the most secure.

EDIT: It may be $15 US. If so, excuse my misremembering. Like Stug said, either way it's worth every penny.

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I believe you must pay $15 US extra for Nethergate or BoE if you're purchasing another game, not $5.

Of course, though, each is still worth every penny.

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