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OOC: Drakey, I know. But the Agency apparently don't...

Meanwhile, the second part of Granger's plans was coming into fruition. A note found its way into the hands of Mio Randolfi himself, covered in neat print.

"There is another one coming in. Hann Igan, murderer and rapist, escaped prison on a technicality. He will be coming in by car, and may be armed. Don't believe his lies. Kill him."

The plan was simple. If the Kingz killed a federal agent, the SCPD will have the basis for more intensive action against them. If Hannigan killed Randolfi, then Granger would be free of a troublesome interferer, and the Agency would take the brunt of public ire.
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As the light outside starts to recede, Casetti starts becoming restless. He feels the need to talk with his friend, Anton Gregorivich, but doesn’t like to deviate from his usual habits. He sits thinking this over for a while, until he hears the familiar chime of his clock tolling out to him that its 8 p.m. and time for him to close his shop for the day. Putting up his "Closed" sign, he looks out at the vacant street for a minute or two. With an exclamation of, "What the hell! It couldn't hurt," he grabs his cane, and after locking the door, proceeds down the street to the shop of his friend.

Upon reaching his friend's shop, Casetti goes down a side alley instead of the front and to a back door of the shop. He looks in either direction to be sure that he isn't being watched, and then knocks in an erratic fashion, giving the appearance of a secret code or a prearranged signal. A few moment’s later, Anton's servant, Geoffrey, a heavily bearded man, opens the door slightly, and obviously recognizing Casetti, admits him inside. The door is then shut and bolted behind him.

They go up to Anton's flat and the servant shows Casetti into a well-furnished room. Paintings and statues can be vaguely seen all around the room along with furniture, but no details are visible, as the gas lamp is turned up only halfway. He can see Anton seated at a desk by a window engrossed in his work trimming plants by the light of an electric lamp, but he stops once he becomes aware that he has company.

Anton is of Russian descent, like Casetti. He has a thick brown moustache, wears a typical gardener's garb, and has bits of crumpled dead leaves all over his shirt and sleeves from his pruning. Upon recognizing Casetti, Anton gets a puzzled look on his face. He rarely ever visits Anton without setting up an appointment. This fact is not lost on Anton either. The look passes quickly and is replaced by one of hospitality as he directs Casetti to a couch under one of the paintings as he himself moves to a wicker chair. Before he speaks to Casetti with his thick Russian accent, however, the servant Geoffrey breaks in.

Geoffrey: “Will you be requiring anything else, sir?”

Anton: "No, no, Geoffrey, you can go on with your duties. I might be needing your services later, so please don’t leave just yet.”

Geoffrey: Very well, sir. I will be in my room in the back of the shop. If you need me, just ring.”

Anton: “Ok, Geoffrey. Vokovsky, my old friend, how are you? It has been a while since you came to visit me. Is there any particular reason for why I am indebted for this unusual visit?"

Casetti: "No, not really…well, uh, yes. I wanted to speak to you about the John Fish incident."

Anton: "Ah, yes. The job was a success as I have already read in the papers. They will never trace it back to you. Not in a million years. I told you that dressing up, as an old man would make for a perfect disguise. Not to mention that mask as an added touch."

Casetti: "Yes, I have to admit that you were right. That disguise was admirable and the mask would make identification impossible.” (Gets uncomfortable and edgy) Listen, do you know anything about this new chief of police that has taken office?”

Anton: (Gets a serious look on his face) “Not much, but I do know this. Where he came from, he is a legend. He is known for being extremely tough and very violent. He always gets his way. And now he is here in this city. It will only bring trouble. I can feel it. It is only a matter of time before we are all “exposed” and “disposed of”.”

Casetti: “Hmmm. That means only one thing. He has to be gotten rid of. Or we are all as good as dead. But to tell you the truth, I personally would not want to be that does it.”

Anton: “What if someone pays you a high enough price?”

Casetti: “Then I guess I would just have to oblige them then.” (Gets up from couch) “Well, that is really all I wanted to talk to you about. I am sorry if I took up any of your valuable time. But it was weighing on my mind and I just had to get rid of it. Well, I’ll be off then.”

Anton: (Just as Casetti reaches the door) “Oh ok. I’ll see you around then and…oh, uh, Casetti. Before you go, there is something else you should know.”

Casetti: “Yeah?”

Anton: “Quentin Randolfi has escaped from prison."

Casetti: (With a very shocked look) “Dear god!!”

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