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AuthorTopic: Spiderweb webhost
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I was wondering if anyone could tell me who hosts the spiderwebsoftware site and the irony central site? Also their url if you have it.

I'm looking for a good webhost for my own independent gaming site... But I'm trying to find the best deal.

Thanks. :)
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Spidweb is being horribly, horribly gouged by their ISP and webhost. You'd be better off asking Djur about his webhost for desperance.

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Errm, I don't think desperance's host has been too good either. They erased the whole Lyceum.


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Um, that was when he was changing hosts. Therefore, he has a new host now.

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Unless you are actually serious about making an actually HELPFUL gaming site, I'd suggest finding a free host. Paying for something that no one will ever visit is a waste. Try www.brinkster.com or something similar.

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You will get some advertisments in the corner for most freehosts. If you don't mind that I'd recommend geocities.

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honestly, anywhere but geocities. At least, that's been my experience.

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FreeWebs.com is pretty good. The bad thing is that you can only upload one file at a time.

There was also f2g.net but they are currently not accepting any free new signups.



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I currently host Desperance for $30/qtr with a friend. Talk to atrophyunfelt on AIM and he can set you up. Good service, killer features. If features aren't important and price is, ICDsoft used to host Desp, and they were generally good to me.
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I also found another good Free hoster. 100mb, FTP access, Unlimited Bandwidth, no ads(except for one pop-up when someone leaves your site), and so on.

Here's the link.

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