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AuthorTopic: Purchasing games
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I've played several of the demos here, and have decided to get Geneforge 1 and 2 and all three Avernums (not at the same time of course). I was wondering if you recieved a boxed copy in the mail of the game, or do they just give you a registration code to open up the rest of the game? Also, is it possible to use the saved games from the demos in the full version?

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They give you a registration code to unlock the rest of the game. And yes, you can play your demo game in the full version.

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You'll never get a box, but with Blades of Exile, you'll be mailed a CD.

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In years gone by, the days of old, I was mailed a floppy disc :eek: It really was that long ago ;)


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You also get a CD for Nethergate. And an awesome CD case with it, unless I'm some kind of expection to the rule...

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You get a CD case. Mine wasn't awesome, but it was a very nice case. It's one of the few I have that hasn't broken.

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