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AuthorTopic: Your favourite "race"
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Don't remember that... I do know that in real mythology, Celtic I believe, the Sidhe is the faerie-world; it encompasses all of the mythological creatures, as far as I know. But, again, that was not a choice; next time someone makes a topic like this they can include the Sidhe, but for now, forget it.

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Hey Attenborough, don't take it so seriously. Just prying some information about the mythological critters. This, if any topic, is the place to do it. You can't possibly blame me for spamming? :P
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Obviously Avernum is included as well. And we've brought up Geneforge, too. Nethergate could be stuck in there as well, but it has no original races. Sidhe are cool, but not original.

Actually, nephilim and (Obviously) humans aren't original either. Nephilim are from Hebrew mythology, they are even mentioned in the bible.


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Yeah, but normally they're interpreted as giant humans, not as cat-people. Jeff just borrowed the name, as he's done with a few others; "Micah", for one.
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This is true. In fact, most things in exile can be traced to some other origin.


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Soruharva was used by the mages, IIRC.

Alec was developing Slithzerikaiis for a while.

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sliths of course

and vahnatais

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