The Fall of the Star Clan RP

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AuthorTopic: The Fall of the Star Clan RP
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OOC: Okay. This RP is going stale. I like this one and will post triple posts to keep it going if I have to.

IC: Charlotte understood what he was saying, but had some questions for him.

Charlotte: "Before we do anything, I have some questions. Exactly, who are you?"

Dwarf Mayor: "Well. I will try to answer your questions. My name is Silas Akbar. I am...was the king's top general. Now the ruling position of this island has been placed on me."

Charlotte: "Why did the dock have traps on it and why were the towns deserted?"

Silas: "Well. I can't be too sure about the dock. I'd have to say that the people of the town did that before they left. They probably didn't want the creatures to get off of the island. As for where they went, there is a town on the other side of a mountain range where the creatures have been unable to get to. I doubt that they made it there though."

Charlotte: "Why not?"

Silas: "Well, they would have to pass right by the meteor, unless they went through the swamps, which is a very dangerous place. They are filled with quicksand and diseases of all sorts. No one I sent out to inspect the meteor has ever come back. That is why I sent word out to the mainland. To try to find some expert help to solve our problems. Anymore questions?"

Charlotte: "Yes, I have one more. What is the deal with this strange book? It writes history as it is happening. How can that be?"

Silas: "Well. That is a little bit harder to explain. We have some very skilled mages on this island. They created a book that records the history of the island as it is happening. So, if we were all killed, then there would be a record of what happened. Now..."

Charlotte: "You just now mentioned some skilled mages. Where are they now?"

Silas: "I am not sure. I think they are in the old monastery on the mountain. And...I hear noises above us. Maybe the others adventurers have arrived. We had better go check. You better bring that book with too."

Charlotte: "I'll put it in my suitcase."

The three adventurers follow Silas as he opens the door with a command and heads up the stairs nearby that lead to the cellar door.

OOC: If this doesn't get it moving, nothing will.

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Um, how is that going to get it moving?


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The update on the Star Clan RP?
It's late...
Then we'll just have to call it the late Fall of the Star Clan RP, won't we...
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