Weird Dreams

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AuthorTopic: Weird Dreams
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Originally written by Murder, She Wrote:

16. I once had a dream where I was swallowed and I couldn't figure out how to get out of the person's stomach.
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I had a strange dream several months ago....

Ok. I am in a school band. And in the dream, I was riding along, when a limo stops my vehicle, and the driver is a band member. She comes up to my windowm and says "We have to talk business. Go home now, someone will be waiting for you."
So I go home, and spinning in my computer chair, is a flutist. I ask what she's doing, and she says "Ok, here's the deal. All of the band is going to collect all of the broken chairs in America, and sell them to raise enough money to buy the school."

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I love dreams, but since I have approximately 1.2 minutes left before I should get off the computer, I don't have time to read any. I'm sure there are weirder already posted, but I remember when I was about 5, I had a dream with all these cheering people on a beach, and I dove into the water along with some other people, and a big white whale... for some reason... like... a sperm whale, not Moby Dick... anyway, so we swan down to the bottom, without any kind of scuba gear or anything, and entered a castle underwater, where some people were imprisoned. We freed them, but while everyone was escaping, I was caught by two shaggy-headed guys with clubs that I now realize looked exactly like Warriors in CivII. The were beating me with their clubs, but I was ecstatic, and could not be hurt, for some reason. Yeah. That's about it. I've also had flying dreams, and I must say, if I had three wishes, I think wings would probably be my first.

Yes, I believe in dream interpretation, no, I will not translate yours =]

Also yes, I have heard that dreams are random firing of the synapses, but, like I said, I don't have the time to explain or read right now.

EDIT: OK, maybe I have more than 1.2 minutes =]

I also had a dream that started off with some kind of Avernum 2 quest, and ended up with me jumping on the laps of the last row in my school band, suspended 25 feets above the ground, in order to save a young couple from falling... it didn't work out too well... actually, now that I think about it, I've had a lof of A2 and D2 and EV2 dreams... don't know why... ok, maybe I do...

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A really wierd dream I had was last year,

I was in my dad's old green car and my dad was driving us to someone he knew;s house. I looked out the car window and saw all these rabbits and goanna's sitting in meadow. We get to dad's friend's house and the police are there and the front door of the house has been ripped of it's hinges. The policeman starts saying something when suddenly there is a usagi standing in the driveway (It looked just like it does on E3 except life-sized) it starts attacking people but I kind of hang back and start wishing I wasn't there. I woke up in my bed ( note this is still a dream ) and go out and talk to my mum about my dream. I remember this dream because of what she said. She asked me this,
"Why didn't you stay and fight?"
I then woke up for real.

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My odder dreams usually involve very different places and things juxtaposed nonsensically. One of these dreams, one of the few I can remember well, involved some sort of awards presentation in an auditorium. The auditorium was strangely surrounded by a huge, dark, empty, fenced-off field. When I walked out of the field through the gateway I was suddenly at the entrance for a huge zoo.

However, it's what I physically do during dreams that is more intriguing. I talk during my dreams, and am usually quite loud, clear, and coherent, according to those who have listened. One time I slept over at a friend's house, and he was sleeping next door. According to him, he heard me quite clearly through the wall. It seems that I ordinarily talk quite calmly and carry on regular conversations.

Perhaps talking in one's sleep is a very dangerous thing to do, however. I could conceivably relate valuable trade secrets or classified information while immersed in a dream, allowing anyone who was listening to know my deepest and darkest secrets. Thankfully, I do not possess any skeletons in my closet as of yet, but perhaps in time this phenomenon may cause me a good deal of trouble.

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