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AuthorTopic: .MOD - .MP3 Conversion
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Could anyone give me some pointers as to how to convert a .MOD sound file to an .MP3, .MID, or .WAV sound file on a Mac?

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Open an MP3 file in FileTyper (or something similar) and see what the code things are.
Open your MOD file and change the codes to the MP3 ones.

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I think that'll just generate some odd error.

Try looking on versiontracker.com searching for "mod mp3 converter" or something. In fact, try any program that can open MODs - it might be able to change the format.

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Are there any programs that open mods on a PC?

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On a completely unrelated note, does anybody know how I can convert vinyl records to .mp3 or even straight to .cda, since I have a feeling our record player's going to break down soon and some of the records I'd like to keep.

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There is a way to connect your record player into your computer and have iTunes (or Windows Media Player) convert it. I'm not entirely sure how its down though.

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My Dad fixed our computer up to transfer all his vinyl to CD. I'll ask him how he did it and get back to you when he's awake.

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I used Final Vinyl for that conversion.

To convert MODs, I just played them loudly and recorded them in another program and saved them as MP3s.

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That's a bit of a hassle. Any real sound editor which opens mod files will be able to save in another format.

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My dad had a program called UltraRecorder which records from a connected vinyl or cassette player. Then you can use iTunes to convert to mp3.
I'm also pretty sure iTunes does .mod -> .mp3 as well as other formats like .aif and audio cd tracks...


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