nobody cares, but meh

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AuthorTopic: nobody cares, but meh
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I personally would prefer small knives. Slower. Watch them suffer. Little cretins.

And this was very odd because
It was the middle of the night
- Lewis Carrol

well well well aren't we resilient

Oh the fun

Most generalizations are, unfortunately, true.
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a pistol can make a pretty good makeshift truncheon, you know.

Urban wisdom is not actual wisdom. It's more like the seemingly philosophical statements that sometimes leak out of my strange mind through my mouth, or in the case of message boards, my hands.
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Are you involved in the wise clan?

I'm tired of the strain and the pain, ohhh, I'm tired of the strain and the pain.

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Fan returns from the seventh circle of Heck to wish Wise Man a happy birthday.

*gives WMoV a cookie, and departs*

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on the 21st I turn 21. so I can go sin. YAY!!!

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That's treason.
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