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AuthorTopic: Tell your opinion now for free!!
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The "Ask Everyone Anything-topic" seems to be so popular (understandable) that I think it should get it´s one board. Has there been such a board here, in times gone? (I´m really new here).

Anyway, that´s my opinion. Yes and, oh, I know this forum was created so fans (that´s us right?) could be able to talk about SW:s games and not anything else. Still, I´ve found that most AEA-topics are about things very close to the SW games athmosphere, like magic, for instance.

Creating an new board such as this would also attract every lunatic in this whole forum *shudder* so that they would leave the other boards alone. Yesterday I saw several pictures of boylove in the "Exile-trilogy-board". Needless to say, quite off-topic.
If you (whoever you are) would create this topic then perhaps such umm...special individuals...would leave the serious boards alone. A win-win situation I would think.

That´s it folks. Got any opinions on this?
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In the Beforetime, the Longlongago, there was a misc. board that turned into a long series of all-out brawls. I left for about 10 months and when I returned, it was gone. Presumably because of the horrible discussions that took place. <shudder>

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Misc is gone, misc won't come back, we're able to cut all the useless crap.

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Misc isn't completely gone, the link to it's carcass is in my sig.

Well, my boards would've allowed you to say your opinion, but no one posted there so I had to shut it down. :(

This is MY link.
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That thread has received 100 posts.

RPs regularly used to receive almost 500, and Nephils vs. Sliths got up to 1000 once...
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Originally written by BoAing:

Misc is gone, misc won't come back, we're able to cut all the useless crap.
I don't know what you've been smoking, but there are some of us here who don't want to give up the spirit of spiderweb(sillyness).

Many times this place kept me from leveling an entire high school to rubble. Now those days are gone. I'm back in school but this isn't the Spiderweb that helped me get through those horrible days at school. And now in these soon to be high stress times some of you actually want to stop me from venting stress by being silly and stuff? Well, all that I have to say is shik ara humans.
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Originally written by Cherub Rock:

Many times this place kept me from leveling an entire high school to rubble.

You give yourself too much credit. I doubt you could get halfway through the social studies wing.

In a word, gay.
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Start with the chemicals in the science block.

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They all sound hard.

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