What the hell is a zephyr?

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AuthorTopic: What the hell is a zephyr?
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yeess...that´s pretty much it, but I can repeat the question for those who so wish (everyone else close your eyes). What is a zephyr? There, I said it. I really would appriciate some answers (one is more than enough, if correct). Or then maybe I should go get a dictonary instead? Näähh..it´s probably easier this way...
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A breath of wind or a mild west wind.

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A zephyr is a - somewhat poetical - synonym for a small breeze. "Zephyrus" (stressed on either the 1st or the 2nd syllable, I don't know) was, afaik, the name of some minor deity or something in Greek mythology.

EDIT: Obviously the time I spent looking in the dictionary was too long... :P

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Thank you very much. Now I finally understand (hmm - do I really?) what "The Zephyr Song" (RHCP) is all about. And by the way...has anyone ever seen such on missplaced topic as this one, anyway?
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Seen what?

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Who knows?

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i was under the impression that Zephyr was the name for the 'west wind' in greek mythology.
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