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AuthorTopic: POPCORN!!!
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I was just wondering but who likes popcorn?? and what kind of popcorn?

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how can you ignore the eternal caramel popcorn!?

-Phynex, Dark Strategist

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Um, this is a board for the discussion of computer games. A certain amount of randomness is expected and OK, but please, if you really have an urge to discuss popcorn, can you find somewhere better to do it?



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Im sorry but i happened to be on here while eating popcorn so i just thought i'd ask...
and if your gonna lecture me lecture the other 50 people who do things like this...

I am the swordsman that lets none escape! I am the blade the slices through stone plates! I am Kagurati!
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Most people who do this either get lectured or get some leeway because they have many more pertinent posts in between. You barely have enough posts to have one between anything, and you're already producing spam of a sort.

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Cheesy popcorn all the way!

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Popcorn with sugar.

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Kettle Korn all the way!

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Further Spiderweb declines. Sad this makes me. To think that we can't even have meaningless topics anymore. Uh, anyway. Cheesy Popcorn's good, but I also like buttery and sweet popcorn. That's why I get the mixed sets sometimes. You'd be amazed at how long cooked popcorn can last in a tin container.
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I hate popcorn. Unless it's movie theater popcorn and I'm starving. Then I'll eat it, to take my mind off the Coca-Cola ads and godawful previews.

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