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Butch rummaged around in her pack. Eventually she pulled out the meagre remains of the fungicide they had used earlier.

'Here,' she said, handing Nicky the bottle, 'now you take some of that and scuttle off to bed, and you'll feel great in the morning - perhaps even well enough to fight us?'

'Well.....' grumbled Nicky.....'we'll see....I mean, I am pretty busy.... and I need to have a bath after I get up, I haven't had one in 12 hours!'

The party restrained themselves from throwing up again with difficulty. James the Flying Nephil looked on, nonplussed.

Triksi explained the situation to him.

James vomited repeatedly.

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Kel-Aziz grabed Nicky by the robes and lifted him high enough to reveal Nickies pink and flower decorated sandals. The Necrophiles like Nicky are known for their "exentricities"(sp) but Nicky was a real case.

"Listen well Nicky, we do not wish to wait for you to take your...bath. You see, we are in a hurry and we need to get past your lands to reach a cave wich..." Kel-Aziz was suddenly interrupted by a frenetic Moppet who was punching Kel-Aziz violently in his knees.

"Thats all he needs to know !!" cried Moppet, who had sucsesfully protected the location of the treasure from Nicky and James the still vomiting nephil.

" you people are in a hurry...well, I guess I could let you pass, but I'd rather not. I shal first see if this weird medicine of yours works, if it does I shall tell my loyal and cute undead minions to let you pass..." smiled Nicky in a disturbing maner "...If not, well I'm afraid I shall make you my loyal undead slaves". Considering Nicky's profile that word made all the party shiver with fear and disgust.

"You may stay and spend the night in my guest cuarters, you may hear some weird screams at night but pay no attention to them, it is an overall comfortable cuarter and an hospitable tower." Kel-Aziz droped Nicky and gave his back to him. "I would rather spend the night outside in the rain rather than going into that hovel. Besides I am a Darubian Royal Guard, I am used to sleep out in the wild." The rest of the party, including the misterious nephil entered the tower, slowly following Nicky into the cold and creepy hallways of his tower. The door slam behind the parties back leaving Kel-Aziz outside.

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"Yeah, not scary at all. I'd even say "boring"..." Butch sighed.

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