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AuthorTopic: Help! I need away messages
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On my site there is a section that's devoted to away messages that I've seen while online. However, I don't have many online buddies and none of them have good away messages.

So in order to make that part of my site stop being a complete waste of webspace, I would like for some of you to post your away messages that don't suck, so I can add them to my site.
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Uhh, away messages?

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i know, these are lame, but whatever.

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In an IM, I've seen the following message being used:

"[Name of Sender], you are amazingly stupid. You're actually retarded enough to argue with an away message!"

Works best if [name of sender] can be included, for example in aim - I'm not sure if it's possible in icq.

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Yeah, that onoe I sent you is from my friend, LF, not me. As for myself... I had something funny once but I got tired of it and deleted it, the most amusing one that I can remember is "YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW...." and it's only funny because of the questions you get asked when you come back. Oh well.

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I felt stupid, so I deleted the whole message.

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Thanks everyone. I'll gladly accept more. Here's what I have so far
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Profile #7 is a goldmine for away messages. It's text only, but some of it may be a little inappropriate at times. The site contains snippets from verious IRC chats.

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I once created an AIM away message that was quite a few lines long worth of complete nonsense in an anecdote.

I would suggest that you do that, but you asked for good away messages.

EDIT: Okay, you didn't. But I don't think you'd do that anyway.

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