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Who Should Win in Geneforge 5 in Geneforge 4: Rebellion
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Which faction wins?

The answer is simple: The PLAYER WINS!

The Saga of Geneforge ends the only way it can and that is someone using the Geneforge and destroying all other factions but himself. The tale of conflict between shapers and rebels doesn't continue further, because neither survives past the ending of Geneforge 5. I don't see any other end to the Geneforge saga that was equally appropriate or proper or satisfying. The drakons, trakovites, unbound and others were nice sideplots, but this is the GENEFORGE-series, not "Unbound unlimited". The tale ending any other way, but at the edge of the Geneforge (the genuine shaper made one, not a drakon hack) with the player deciding the fate of the World would be a travesty and totally inappropriate for such an epic series.

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The Chosen Ending - Geneforge 5 in Geneforge 4: Rebellion
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Here is my vision of the end of Geneforge saga. This is the way Geneforge 5 should happen:

First, the game begins with a choice: Whether to start as a shaper or a rebel.
Next the game begins on the other shaper continent on shaper heartlands, then advances to the shaper controlled western Terrestia, then rebel controlled eastern Terrestia and next to the Ashen islands (Or while playing a rebel in the opposite order). The activities are at the beginning cooperating with local powers and fighting infiltrators in the first two areas and then fighting the powers and cooperating with infiltrators in the second two areas.
The fifth and final area is the Sucia island, where the fate of the world is decided once more. All the factions have a beachhead somewhere on the island.

The story is something like this: After the unbound escalated the war, the shapers have grown a more and more desperate. Both rebels and shapers get hints that a group of shapers have disappeared and are designing a forbidden weapon that ends the war in their favor (The genuine, true, shaper made GENEFORGE!). The player is sent to find them.
Then the player searches through war torn lands for clues to their trail right to the war forgotten Sucia island. He also gets offers from the other side and Trakovites to swap sides. As the player enters there he finds out that other factions have entered there and the final battle to control the Geneforge begins.
When he finally reaches the Geneforge, his actions determine the result of the whole war. Endings:
1. Barzaite. The player joins with them. Uses Geneforge, doesn't destroy it, and destroys shaper council and rebel Ghaldring. Barzaites join the war and defeate both shapers and rebels, but just months later a new war begins amongst Barzaites and the world is reduced to ashes.
2. Shaper. Doesn't use Geneforge, destroys it, and destroys Barzaites and Ghaldring. Shapers maintain their honor, but lose Terrestia. The shapers fortify their one remaining continent and prepare for another war. It is only a matter of time as the drakon are at the peak of their arrogance.
3. Two Rebel ends. Doesn't destroy Geneforge, and destroys Barzaites and Shaper council. Rebels win the war. a) Doesn't use Geneforge. The drakons hog the secrets of Geneforge to themselves and they finally enslave humans for all time. b) uses Geneforge. The human rebels gain the use of Geneforge and soon a new war breaks between human rebels and drakons. The land is reduced to ashes.
4. Trakovite. Doesn't use Geneforge, destroys Geneforge, and destroys Shaper council, Ghaldring and Barzaites. Both factions lose their leaders and fall dissarray. Both factions believe the other one captured and used Geneforge. For fear of what is to come (and with drakons the fear of civil war amongst drakons) a diplomatic efforts are made to declare a truce. An uneasy peace follows with both sides preparing for a new war. A new war is only a question of time.
5. Over powered one. Use Geneforge, destroy Geneforge, and destroys barzaites, shaper council and Ghaldring. The player takes fate into his own hands. Shapers fall and rebels will follow. All shall fight against this new power, but the war can end only one way. The world will be at peace for a long time. The new empire brings forth prosperity as it follows a very democratic doctrine: One man, one vote. The player is the man, and he has the vote.

Anyway, this is my vision of the perfect end for the Geneforge 5. This saga cannot end with anything else, but the player determining the fate of the world. IMHO

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