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Where the Rivers Meet: may it flow safely for a long time. in Blades of Avernum
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This is definitely a good first scenario. It's maybe a little grandiose for a first scenario, though...

I have to admit, I didn't like it all that much, though I did just finish Bahssikava and Exodus last month, so my enjoyment may have been coloured by that, and a lot of small... "inconsistencies"? Maybe its just me, but I was under the impression this was happening in a medieval/fantasy world... at least until I found a boy playing with toy cars, fears of a giant microwave under the earth, and a wizard named Benthol (which wouldn't have been bad,... except that a joke was made about it in dialogue).

If the scenario had been obviously humorous in other areas I probably would laughed at these, but as it was they were rather jarring anachronisms.

And then there's Ea. The ancient Sumerian goddess worshipped in the Empire HQ. Yeah... I'll let ye all figure out why that was irksome.

SO... So much for nitpicking. Aside from that, the scenario had many side quests, which I love; a good looking outdoors, and intrigue (even if that intrigue didn't always make a lot of sense).

I stopped playing because I couldn't get past the second set of gates mentioned above (yes, it is still above), but the scenario was interesting enough that I might go back and try to finish it now.

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Beta Call for Exodus in Blades of Avernum
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Okay, I've finished the public beta, and already sent Kelandon an e-mail, but I forgot about an error that I saw earlier. Unfortunately, I think my save is already long past the error, so I can't give exact details, but I believe it was the second-to-last exile camp, and a "corner" or "edge" was missing. e58 or e59 (or a58 or a59) I think? Arg...
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