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Um... is there any editor or trainor which would allows me to set skill points at the character creation screen? You see, I just would like to make my character sort of 'extra-charming' and a genious mechanic, so that i can have all the dialogue options and have access to all the locked/hidden items when i play a role-playing game, at the same time enjoying battle. I think it is a bit unfair that i have to sacrifice other abilities to get all the dialogues and items. (but i know it also adds depth to the game... i'm just explaining my personal feeling, you know :) )

Cheat code doesn't work in this situation because it would level me up too much so that i can't level normally and in order to increase my ability to fight, i'll have to cheat again :(

So... the bottom line is... is there any such editor? Please help me.
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What do YOU want to see in G4? in Geneforge Series
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How about class-specific creations?

For example,

shaper: shaping skills that alters / modifies existing, natural creatures(provided there are a lot of natural creatures in G4), making them vicious killing machines. / or the power to combine existing creatures to make something more powerful (a la impossible creatures)

guardian: creations that can be combined with armor, sword, helmet... , making the weapon/armor better, grants special abilities, but which slowly drains your essence or health. also, as someone said earlier in this pole, something that can be ridden.

scout(...or whatever the last class is called): small, incredibly fast and mindless creations that follows you everywhere and make you invisible / faster / venomous / submersible / gives special attack option.

Also, what if creations can be upgraded as they level up? If fyora's level goes over 10, then it becomes flamora(I know the name sounds stupid...) which is much bigger than fyora, can fly, can't be attacked by melee creations, can cast area-effect fire magic spells, etc.

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