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Windows GF 4 Testers Needed in Geneforge 4: Rebellion
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Jeff, for your information Microsoft said that windows Vista Will not be available for sale until Jan 30 2007. That means that if you are wanting to wait for a tester with vista on their system you will have to wait until at least the beginning of Feb! Hope this helps.
P.S. I applied, and I currently have LOTS of Spare Time, So I could Beta Test pretty much Full Time.

Hope everything goes well.
Sincerely, Jeff DeBoard
Posts: 2 | Registered: Friday, April 15 2005 07:00
What do YOU want to see in G4? in Geneforge Series
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one thing i would really like to see is cursor change when you are over a monser have the cursor change to a sword, and over yourself to a shield. something like that, or where the first time you click on a space you see a line/mark showing what you are going to do, so that you can change your mind (ie click on what you think is to attack a monster, and see if you are going to attack, or if you would just move to a new location). some way of seeing what the move you are going to do will actually do. i for one get tired of trying to attack a monster, and then accidentally moving next to the monster instead.
a icon shange for the cursor to a sword or spell icon or feet/legs for moving would really help.
Posts: 2 | Registered: Friday, April 15 2005 07:00