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ST2 Object Issues in SubTerra
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1) In previous versions of ST2, a (4-way pushable) bomb could trigger a wire when it exploded. Now it doesn't. Is that a bug or intended? I hope it's only a bug, because my level relies on that.

2) Furthermore, I have some doubts about the Sorceror. The fact that it generates nine magic fields when it explodes, makes this enemy unnecessarily hard to handle if you have more than one sorcerer. As you know, a magic field turns a sorceror into a faerie and vice versa, but due to the unpredictable nature of the faerie, you never know whether it leaves the fields as a faerie or as a sorceror.

I was thinking of two solutions:
- Sorceror leaves 1 magic field instead of 9.
- You can specify which object it leaves behind. Either 9 times the same object, 9 different objects like the skelwing in ST1.

3) Another issue: Ice was added in the most recent beta of ST2, but it has no complementary tool. Maybe it is a good idea if the Speedy Shoes ignore ice? Or the Suction Shoes?
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More ST2 bugs in SubTerra
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Originally written by The Stew Boy:

3. You can only buy things from Shoppes after you have collected at least 1 gem (i.e. you can't buy stuff right at the start), and also the gem quota can't go over the original gem quota.
I think the reason is that you first need to have 'money' in order to buy something. If the gem quota would go over the original gem quota, it would imply that you are carrying a negative amount of gems.

4. You can pick up multiples of the same tool, but you can't buy multiples of the same tool.
Why would you want to buy a tool you already have? By /picking up/ multiples of the same tool, you probably want to make some empty space, but I see absolutely no need why anyone would want to lose money and get nothing extra in return.
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