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G5 wishlist. in Geneforge 4: Rebellion
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Only read the first 4 pages, then my eyes started to bleed from all the nothingness, but I figured I'd put my two cents in anyway. So if I repeat something you've seen here 10 times, I soz.

1. For the love of all that is holy drop the Fyora.

I recently went through 1-4 in sucession and it's sort of a bummer to have NOTHING new in any of the games until the last couple of hours or so (which usually is two dungeons and a lot of talking), which then get ripped from you and stuck 30 hours away in the next game in the last ten minutes of it, not that there was much of anything new in any of the games. >.> (both spells and creations)

But really, I love my long range combat. I can't stand the way the worms look, and it takes SO long to get a Drayk. So I normally have a Fyora for 35% of the game(followed by their icy upgrade). It'd be awfully nice if they made something snazzy and low level that was ranged.

2. Upgradable creations.

When I was playing through G3, I didn't get any new creations for QUITE some time, as I wasn't using canisters and was too broke for proper training. But I kept gaining levels, as did my trusty Fyora...

But it hit it's cap and became worthless 45% of the way into it's life. It'd be nice if at a certian level, or Int/Dex level, that a ranged creation's spells became multi-target. (along with that maybe a melee creation's attacks became double attacks or infused with an element at a certian Int/Str level) I say Int because I've honestly never found a use for Int (on a creation), and it'd be nice to give it some reason to be used other than the two initial points. Oh, and maybe the worms can get a small range AoE acid as an upgrade...that'd be nice, might make 'em worth it.

Greta got the multi-shot in G3, but she got it quite late, and hers was very picky... The monsters had to be REALLY close together and she had to be a good bit away for it to split, while the Ur-Drakon could hit 5 monsters 4 spaces apart from each other two spaces from them. (he even shot it backwards once. o.O)

3. Larger inventory, a pack mule, and/or a much lower weight for all items. 1 iron bar will push me over the encumberance limit until like 15 Str.

4. A better UI/character graphics.

(G3ex) I really don't like that in such a (seemingly) low-budget (graphic wise) game that my green Agent doesn't have a green inventory avatar. To the point that I went and recolored it in Windows Paint. lol

(G4ex) But, really. Do the character slots REALLY have to be that huge? A small bag icon and small ? next to the sprite, three stat bars UNDER the sprite, and the tiny sprite in the center should be enough. I don't think it needs 1/4 of an inch between the bag/?, sprite, and over sized stat bars.

And then enlarging the map to a crude size to fit into that bulky set-up threw off the entire new sleek look of the nice text and new outer UI.

The enviroment screen just feels like it should be bigger, or slightly more zoomed out. It feels cramped, or like I'm not seeing enough of the screen, just an annoyance, really.

Speaking of that...

5. At LEAST one more quick spell/item slot.

In the G4 UI there looks like there's room for 6, even 7 each (if you really wanted that many) if you make use of the side bar for things like the 'get' button and the quest log.

I often toss out useful gems and extra pods because I know they'll just take up inventory space doing nothing because I forget about them in battles because they're in my pack. Same with a lot of spells.

I only recently found the awesomeness of Haste because I had never hotkey'd it, and assumes it was worthless. But two attacks and a gem worth of points? Heck yes. Totally changed my game. I think Torment was only tormenting because I didn't have Haste.

Well, I think that's it...

BIG emphasis on the weight reduction and such... My Shapers always feel utterly useless because I can NEVER attack anything with them, they're always overencumbered. I don't really like having Str as my first max stat on a Shaper, tbh.

So yeah, that's it.

Edited for creation name retardation.

And, some more BG sounds would be nice... I never hear them anymore. In G1 I heard the birds and some light wind, but I never noticed any BG sounds after that. I'll admit, the 'HAIYAYAYAYAI in the Servile towns was annoying, but more BG sounds, or light soft town music would be goodness.

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Geneforge 3 Trainer. in Geneforge Series
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Oh, and, anyone know if there's any possible way to change the keybindings? Like making say... w or something act like the enter key does and close out of menus.
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Geneforge 3 Trainer. in Geneforge Series
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I didn't realize those were for G3... The layout of the page doesn't make them look like it, and they aren't labled like the other editors.

Ah well, I got my idiot moment of the week outta the way. On to Geneforge.

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Geneforge 3 Trainer. in Geneforge Series
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After a google, spider forum, and spider archive search, it seems all Geneforge 3 trainers are lost, dead, broken, or missing.

So, if anyone has the trainer, please post a link of it here. Thanks a ton.
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