Geneforge 3 Trainer.

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AuthorTopic: Geneforge 3 Trainer.
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After a google, spider forum, and spider archive search, it seems all Geneforge 3 trainers are lost, dead, broken, or missing.

So, if anyone has the trainer, please post a link of it here. Thanks a ton.
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The links to the GF3 editor are at the top of this forum...

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I didn't realize those were for G3... The layout of the page doesn't make them look like it, and they aren't labled like the other editors.

Ah well, I got my idiot moment of the week outta the way. On to Geneforge.

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Oh, and, anyone know if there's any possible way to change the keybindings? Like making say... w or something act like the enter key does and close out of menus.
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