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Save files?! in Avernum 4
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I tried it on a win xp (prof.) machine.
It works as it should. Saved games are in
INSTALLATIONPATH/data/sav0 to sav19.

Maybe you should check where the softlink for
Avernum4 is pointing to.

p.s.: Even uninstalling keeps the used
sav-folders and preferences.

[ Wednesday, November 21, 2007 00:17: Message edited by: toelva ]
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What have you been reading lately? in General
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Just wanted to mention

Guy Gavriel Kay (sorry if that was done before, but I found no way to search in all 22 pages).

He worked together with C. Tolkien on the Silmarillion before he published his first novel.
Here is a list of his publications (from ):

The Fionavar Tapestry, the travails of five people from Earth in another dimension, in three parts:
The Summer Tree (1984)
The Wandering Fire (1986), winner of the 1987 Aurora Award.
The Darkest Road (1987)

Tigana (1990), winner of the 1991 Aurora Award. A sorcerer-oppressed city-state in a medieval almost-Italy.

A Song for Arbonne (1992). A modification of the Albigensian Crusade in a medieval almost-Provence.

The Lions of Al-Rassan, (1995). The story of two military strategists (one an almost-El Cid) in a medieval almost-Spain.

The Sarantine Mosaic, a mosaicist under emperor Valerius II (an almost-Justinian I) in Sarantium (an almost-Constantinople), in two parts:
Sailing to Sarantium (1998)
Lord of Emperors (2000)

Beyond This Dark House (2003). A collection of poetry.

The Last Light of the Sun (2004). A story based on the Erling (almost-Viking) invasions of Anglcyn (England) and Cyngael (Wales) during the rule of Aeldred (an almost-Alfred the Great).

Ysabel (2007). A modern tale set in Provence. Centering around a teenage boy and his encounters with characters from the distant past.

Needless to say that I read and enjoyed those books.
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