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I'm working on source file of Macintosh version and I can't found any correct resource file in release 3, anyone could help me ?

Or I must work from windows source file ?

Thanks in advance
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Resources seem to love to get lost by everything that touches them. I have a copy here: http://khoth.ath.cx/~khoth/Resources.zip

If you're using OS X, I did stuff to get it working, so to avoid duplicating effort you might want to work from it: http://khoth.ath.cx/~khoth/

Barcoorah: I even did it to a big dorset ram.

New Mac BoE
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Thanks, I'll check it...

My aim is to alter BoE to use SDL for Linux usage (or embedded usage).

I don't have yet check your depot to see if we can merge our effort (with abstraction between OS and BoE for example ?)

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Definitely check the OBoE section of Khoth's repository so that all the fixes and improvements can be incorporated.

I fully support the idea of rewriting it to use SDL. QuickDraw is way out-of-date now anyway.

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