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I was writing with the Win32 editor and I was creating a new Scenario, but when I tried it said file: bladbase.exs was missing. I couldn't find it anywhere so i open notepad and saved an empty document with that file name and then tried the editor again. It worked! My question is if that what I did was enough to have no problems with my game, or if that file was vital and if I somehow need to find it.
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The thing about bladbase.exs is that it contains the data for all the default items and monsters in the game. So if you're using nothing but custom items and monsters, you don't need it. If not, it's probably worth tracking down a copy.

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It's quite odd that you're missing that file... but if it's really not there (It should be usually in your Scenario Editor Folder), just reinstall the game... (and either delete the old version, or just move the new installed BladBase file and delete the rest again, works with both the full and demo version)

Or you can look around at the BoE Fansites for a edited BladBase files, there should be a few around with most/all remaining minor bugs corrected... (Which are still existent in the original version) quite useful edits...

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