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I am a long time Blades player, but new to these forums. I am wondering though. Are people still using BoE to create or has everyone converted to BoA for their creations? If people still use this program then are their any new things in the works? Would anyone even be interested in anything new for BoE?

I recently unearthed my copy of BoE and have been bitten by the bug, but I want to know if I would even have an audience here or if I should simply wait and try to puzzle my way through BoA.
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Scenarios are being made and released, although scenario production has been slow. BoA design is slow as well, however, and BoE has a bigger fanbase. If you like BoE, design for BoE. You'll still have a good audience, and assuming your scenario isn't a total piece of crap, we'll appreciate it. The community is still around and as large as ever; the only problem is the dearth of new scenarios.

If you want to make a scenario, please do so. There's plenty of people who are willing and able to help.

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I'm adding this to the Designer FAQ: Q10.

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Well, that is good to know. I'll take a good look at creating something then. I was just a little worried when I opened up this forum to find that only three threads were open and none of them were really talking about ceating new scens.
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It seems to me like BoE, after years of fast-paced scenario releasing and discussion, has finally run it's course. There will continue to be a slow trickle of scenarios, and all of these will be appreciated, but sooner or later people will move on to bigger and arguably better things.

But yeah, by all means make your scenario. We look forward to it. ;)

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Here's a thought. I noted the presence of The Hut of Baba Yaga here. Has anyone else made conversions of other D&D modules for BoE before? If any person is looking for ideas I can think of no better source then the huge number of modules available for free on the WotC Websiye.
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Brett Bixler's The Hut of Baba Yaga is not a D&D module converted.

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Ah, I suppose that it is not, although I could have sworn that I read something to that effect in the docs that came with it. The hut itself is also described in detail in the 2nd Edition AD&D Book of Artifacts p21. Then again, D&D doesn't have a monopoly on myth so I could be wrong.

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If I recall correctly, the hut's layout is inspired by the module, but various liberties have been taken with the plot.

The Fog is a much closer conversion of a D&D module to the medium of BoE, and I think there might have been one or two other scenarios based on D&D modules too.

There have also been scenarios based on movies. For some reason, most of these were based on neo-noir films that had Charlotte Rampling in them; Johnny Favourite is based loosely on the film Angel Heart, and my own scenario Roots is based very loosely on the film D.O.A. (and, more broadly, inspired by the film noir genre in general).

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