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AuthorTopic: Properly Running Blades
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I just fired up Blades to indulge my nostalgia and realized that none of the custom graphics are functional. It's been a couple years (and two new computers) since I last played, and I have no recollection of how I dealt with this the last time.

I'm running Blades on an eMac with the latest version of Tiger installed. Can anybody point me towards a simple solution?

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The custom graphics are in your Blades Scenarios folder, right. If not, move them there. If so, I don't know what to tell you.

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Yep, and make sure you use the .meg file and have it named the same as the scenario file and have both files in the BLADSCEN folder.

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And make sure that the identity of the custom graphics in the .meg file is 1, not 128. That's tripped me up a lot.

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If you really can't get the graphics to work, try using a different decompression utility to expand the scenario .zip file -- some utilities, especially early versions of Stuffit Expander, can mangle resource forks.

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If you transferred your Blades to your current computer somehow, that may have mungled it up a bit. If the original CD is still lying around somewhere, you may want to try just reinstalling it from there.

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