Brings back good memories

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AuthorTopic: Brings back good memories
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Man, Blades of exile brings back good memories.
I can remember the first day I found it, on that "freeware games" disk.
It really brings back the good times. Like how I'd sit and play on it all day, and the sun was shining, and I'd be having fun.
This game will always bring back good memories, and it'll always remain my favorite spidweb game.
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Good to hear it. Be sure to rate any scenarios you play on the Lyceum's Comprehensive Scenario Rankings forum!

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It is nice to see people enjoying a game that is very old. indeed, I can sympathize with that. I always keep playing dark catle for the Mac plus, and still enjoy it.

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Done Thralni.
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Blades of Exile wasn't my favorite game, but it was up there on the list. I just love the scenario maker. I've never seen anything so easy. I can relate to the sun shining feelings. I would sit outside on a beautiful summer day feeling the great weather and think, "This is an Exile day" and then go in and play the computer. Screw nice weather.

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Most people are against "Old 2D" games but I see them as more "Classical". For example, while I love the new final fantasy games, the old block movement games from the late 70s still chew away that sunny day you were on about. I see all of the exile games the same way!

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