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AuthorTopic: Custom Scenarios
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I've finally got Blades working on my PC, but now it's saying I have no custom scenarios. I've put them in the Blades scenario folder, why isn't it working?

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It should be in the folder BLADSCEN, not the folder containing the scenario editor or the regular folder. If it already is, then you might have to extract it from the folder. I made that mistake once.
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It's all extracted. Any other ideas?

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Is this a new PC new to you? Did you come over from MAC? I've seen you here forever. So, I don't understand where your problem originates. Can you be more specific?
(Matter of fact, you were the first one to answer my first call for "help" some time back.)
Do you have a folder in the Blades group named, "Scenarios", or some place to put the "zipped" forms of scenarios?
From there, unzip them, then put the *.bmp and *.exs into the folder, "bladscen".
The PC's or what ever starting party you're going to use should be in the "Bladexil".
(Assuming you've made a starting party.)
If not, from the Blades starting screen, create a new party.
There are a few scenarios, such as Tarl Kudrick's High Level Party Maker, that can be used to take a starting Level 1 party up to higher levels. (Experiment with several, each has it's advantages.)
Now, the starter, or what ever level you want to use, should be in the "Bladexil" folder.
If you go to the starting screen to play a "Custom Scenario", you'll have to "load" a party with which to play it.
So, load what ever party you want to use from the drop down listing, then you'll see them on the screen.
THEN click on "Custom Scenario". You should get Title Boards of each of the scenarios you've previously unzipped into the "Bladscen" folder. Clicking on one of the Title Boards will start the "Custom Scenario" with the Party of your choice.
Note: A very few scenarios come with specifics for a game, but that should be well defined in the "readme.txt" file.
Sorry to "run on", but I'm a bit of a "ratchet jaw". If this didn't help, whistle back and I'll try to be clearer.
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I'm assuming you've downloaded scenarios from one of the boards, no?
If not, the basic version only comes with the three scenarios made by Spiderweb.
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why isn't it working?
Ask TM. Yes I know he's on a Mac, but he's done so many scenarios, there should be little that he doesn't know about this kind of thing.

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Are you sure that this isn't the demo?

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A Windows-using friend once reported a similar problem to me. Apparently, BoE sometimes chokes on the scenarios folder if it contains any files other than valid .exs and .bmp files. Check the scenarios folder and see if there are any unusual files in there.

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Ahbleza, I played on a Mac for years, then moved into my own place and got a PC with Windows XP. Glad I could be of help!
It's definitely not the demo, I bought the CD because the download didn't work, and there's nothing in the scenario folder except BMP and EXS files.
I hate this PC!!!

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This problem may appear when you try to start a scenario loading a *.sav file (a party) that is not inside the same folder as the BLADES.EXE.

1) IMPORTANT on a PC(and not only for this instance]: you want to be able to see file extensions... (WinXP) from My Computer->Tools->Options->View unckeck everything that hides files or folders - of course you must be careful then what you delete... but it is safer in more than one ways...

2) The *.sav files (that is parties, played games etc) should be placed inside the BLADEXIL folder (the folder that contains BLADES.EXE).

3) All the scenario files (*.exs or *.bmp) should be placed inside the BLADSCEN folder.

This may be attributed to the fact that the BoE engine is quite old (in fact DOS-oriented) and may not "see" other paths or subfolders except the one occupied by the executable "BLADES.EXE".

If you happen to save often, you can create subfolders inside your BLADEXIL folder and save there your files, but you CANNOT start a scenario using one of those files... why? it beats me...

Hope this helps
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Putting my save files in the Blades folder worked.
Now I have another problem! My mouse cursor vanishes whenever I'm in Blades, making it a pain in the arse to use items/spells etc, since I have to guess where the cursor is!

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XP has a nice feature. If you go into the Start menu, go to Settings, Control Panel, Mouse, and then the Pointer Options tab, you can set it so when you press Ctrl on the keyboard, a grey circle surrounds and zones in on the cursor.
As for the cursor literally disappearing, I'm not sure what causes this. All I know is after clicking and pressing lots of different things, it eventually comes back.

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I'm running W'98, (I have no desire to upgrade to more "bells & whistles".), and I've never used, much less seen, a MAC operate. I've evolved with the kids, from a Commodore VIC-20, on up to this level and am quite happy, thank you. :D
In my case, the cursor disappears, (intentionally), when you use the arrow keys, either the four traditional, or the key pad.
It always has and it's become obvious to me that it's in the Blades program. I'm assuming, because if you're using the cursor, you'll want to see it. If you're using the arrow keys, you won't want to see it. All you have to do is to "move" the mouse and the "sword" cursor re-appears.
I don't know if newer, higher, level Operating Systems let something like this occur, but I like the idea of one method, or the other, no overlapping of functions. Sometimes the cursor is "in the way".
Lastly, if you have an event running, such as "wait" 40 moves, and you've clicked about 20 times to regain 40 spell points, neither the cursor, nor the arrow keys will work until that "loop" has completed. That's another one of my favorite "tricks". I "ctr+s", then ID all the found treasures, dump what's no good and click "ctr-w" 25 times, then run to the bathroom while I have the opportunity! (It's an age related thing.)
Again, it all seems intentional with the Blades program. Personally, I prefer it. It lets me know I've done something; sometimes, without realizing it.
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