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I've been looking through TM's links, Khoth's site, and so forth, and I can't manage to find something there should probably be a lot more of: a good variety of nephil graphics.

I'm looking for Neph civilians - not armed, not magical, and not color-edits. If they're a bit bigger than normal, that's fine too. Anyone with some graphical talent care to look into that? Thanks!

Oh, and dialog(ue?) graphics would be nice too.

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I can't seem to find any either... looks like you'll need to make some of your own.

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The only ones done so far, IIRC, are the Nephil Child (with no attacking pose) and a pair of talk pics. They're lost somewhere here. To find them amongst the rest of the graphics, search for "The townsfolk you always wanted" (last row) and "Aiechiewowa" (4th row, right end).
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There's one Nephil dialogue pic among those.

A young Nephil, also without an attack picture:
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The Nephil pics are interesting, but i'm still not sure how to use custom graphics. Anyone got any advice, or know a good tutorial?

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