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Everyone talks about Valorim but they never talk about the other continents:Aizo,Vantanas and Pralgad. I think someone should create a scenario about something that happens on one of those continents.
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Stareye's scenarios, "Spy's Quest" and "At the Gallows", take place on other continents. SQ is kind of frustrating, but AtG is a first-class scenario.

And this should be in the BoE forum.

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Off it goes!

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Yes, there's a few scenarios that take place on other continents. I forget what they are right off the top of my head, though.

EDIT: You can find maps of many areas here.

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Those are some pretty cool maps Ben. Now I have something to do for a while...

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Yea, good job, ben :rolleyes:

I'm still trying to figure out why you think no one ever talks about the other continents. Everybody talks about them.

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Tell me then, when was the last topic (other than this one) that even mentioned another continent. I'm a smartass.

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That map page is really good.

So good I think that I just might use it when I launch my next project, or side project. I never thought someone had such a complete map of Exile I. I thought I was going to have to make it from scratch when mly copy arrived.

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The map page is part of the Blazing Blade, which is the web site of Luz Piazuelo. Give her the credit, not me.

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