Why starting characters have different number of skill points?

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AuthorTopic: Why starting characters have different number of skill points?
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Startup characters are not the same and cannot be freely modified. First - they have some skills like barter and woodcraft than are not trainable and not removable and second if you remove all of their skills you get different skill points numbers ranging from 50 to 64. And even if you delete one and create new, you actually get the same old character with all the skills (Oh, I forgot, without the description).
What the hell? I want CLEAN characters with equal number of skills points! So I can modify them as I see fit.

This is for NG - Resurrection

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It's just the way Jeff made the game so that all parties would start with certain skills that aren't increaseable by skill points.

I forget if you can use the character editor to fix the starting characters.
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