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AuthorTopic: I have a question
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I was wandering, I don't have any good RPG that I haven't played at least 2 times.

Nethergat is only Spiderweb game which I haven't played fully only demo and I'm not impresed.

But I'm interested in your opinion:
Should I buy Nethergate or not?


Does it gets better later in the game?

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Nethergate gets more interesting later in the game. It's split into two parts. The main quests of Ruined Hall, Goagh Nar, Castle Aethdoc, Annwn, and the Spire of the Ages are the the essential quests that you have to do to complete the game. Then there are the optional quests like in the other games that you can do in any order that allows you to survive. It's a small world compared to Avernum, but there is usually a dungeon in each part of the 25 zones and there are lots of interesting things to see that are hidden away so you only see them if you are in a particular place in each zone.

You can always try challenge games like all fighters, all spellcasters, singleton, etc.
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Best thing about Nethergate is that you can play it through from one perspective..then turn around and play it from another- changing the game entirely. Makes it well worth the money and the time. If you are really into rpg's, that is. If you love puzzles as well as brute action, this is again a game for you. Not to mention a fairly engaging story line.

Spiderweb has always been a great favorite of mine for games. Yeah..I'm pretty much the choir here. Lalala


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Originally written by Zelda:

Not to mention a very engaging storyline

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